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Software Updates: N4 Supervisor 4.1, Consolidated Patches, Spyder Tool, CPT

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Quick reminder of some new software we've recently added to the Downloads section of the Cochrane Tech Services support website.

Vykon N4 Supervisor

Brand new build of N4 Supervisor for Vykon. Features several changes and bug fixes from 4.0, and will be the primary version of N4 until later this year. You can download it here:

Honeywell WEBStation N4

Honeywell also released 4.1. You can find a link to a full list of changes for their updated build on the download page:

Consolidated Patches for 3.6.407, 3.7.108, 3.8.41, and

Tridium released new Consolidated Patches for the latest AX builds, which include a fix to a nasty timezone bug in 3.8.41. They also released a small set of patches for N4 4.1, fixing an issue with the kitPxGraphics and kitPxN4svg modules. Check them out here:

Honeywell Spyder Tool 7.0.0

Spyder Tool 7.0.0 has been released, which is now compatible with the N4 framework. Check out the download here for more information:

EasyIO CPT Tools 0.9 (20151225)

EasyIO's CPT software expires yearly, and we have updated the latest version so you can continue working with it:

We also updated the Apps Tool to 1.7, used for running local virtual applications for CPT:

Be on the lookout for Johnson Controls to release Facility Explorer 14 soon (their launch of N4). Thanks for reading and have a good weekend!

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