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Vykon AX 3.8.41, 3.7.108, and 3.6.407 Released!

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  • 08/13/2015 4:12 PM

Vykon AX 3.8.41, 3.7.108, and 3.6.407 Released!

The August 2015 Update Releases of Vykon AX are available for download on the Cochrane Tech Support website. The updates include important enhancements that increase the security of a Niagara AX system, including a newer revision of the Java Virtual Machine. VYKON strongly encourages all customers to update Niagara AX to one of the newly available releases.

These are new builds of Niagara AX. They are not patches. They will need to be installed on a PC, and then commissioned to any JACE hardware that needs to be upgraded.

There are few changes in these new builds compared to the old builds+patches, however, you will need to upgrade to these new builds in order to receive any future patches. At the time of writing there are no patches available for these new builds.

For change logs, refer to the docs folder after unzipping the installation package.


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