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Weather Service Issues: Revised Information

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Hello everyone, we have some updated information on the Weather Service issues, which have been affecting AX and N4 JACEs.

Updated workaround

Advisories must be disabled in two locations within your Niagara station:
  • WeatherService > WeatherReport > Provider (Property Sheet) > Advisories Alarm Ext > Enable: false
  • WeatherService > WeatherReport > Current (Property Sheet) > Advisories > Alarm Enable: false
Furthermore, you must make sure you save and reboot your JACE after disabling advisories. A common issue is that after disabling the advisories or the entire WeatherService, the JACE is left to continue leaking memory and crash. When it crashes, the station is not saved, and the changes made to the WeatherService do not stick upon reboot. Even if you manually trigger a Station Save, check the Application Director to be sure the save is successful. JACEs have also been locking up during the save procedure, and again, not saving changes after crashing and rebooting.

If you successfully save the station, you must reboot afterwards to free up the memory lost from the bug.

If you are having issues saving and rebooting, try this:
  • Reboot the JACE, connect to the Platform, and go to Application Director while it is starting the station
  • Kill the station to prevent it from starting.
  • Open Station Copier and copy the station to your engineering machine (only copying the config.bog is okay).
  • Edit your station copy locally, disabling advisories and being sure to save the station when finished.
  • Go back to Station Copier and copy the edited station back in to the JACE (be sure to only copy the config.bog back in, and leave other files intact).
  • Reboot the JACE.

Patch Release

Tridium expects to release a patch for this issue next week (6/27 - 7/1).

We will continue to keep everyone updated on this issue.

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