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Alert: AX WeatherService not updating, FX 14.4 released

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Hello everyone, there's a new issue to be aware of, and some new software out:

AX and N4.1/N4.2 WeatherService no longer updating

The National Weather Service changed how their API redirects work, and it's causing all AX and N4.1/N4.2 Weather Services to stop updating. 4.3, 4.4, and above are not affected. There is currently a workaround involving unhiding a slot and changing the path to the redirect yourself. For instructions on doing this, visit the following Knowledgebase article (login required):

Johnson Controls FX 14.4 Released

Johnson Controls has released FX Workbench 14.4 (Niagara 4.4). You can download it and view the release announcement at the following link (login required):

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