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Software Update: Vykon N4 Supervisor 4.3U1 and 4.4U1

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We have recently added some new/updated software to the Downloads section of the Cochrane Tech Services support website.

Vykon N4 Supervisor (4.4U1)

Tridium released the first official update build for 4.4. It features various bug fixes. The full list can be found on the download page:

Vykon N4 Supervisor (4.3U1)

An official update for 4.3 has also been released. This contains the security updates from the initial 4.4 build, HTML5 Alarm Console fixes from 4.4, and other bug fixes (a full change log was not released). You can download it here:

If you cannot commission or upgrade to from your build, there is also an updated Consolidated Patches bundle for that contains most of the updates:

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