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Software Updates: Vykon N4 Supervisor 4.2, JCI FX 14.1.0, Spyder/Stryker Tools

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We have recently added some new/updated software to the Downloads section of the Cochrane Tech Services support website.

Vykon N4 Supervisor

4.2 has finally been released by Vykon. This update features many bug fixes from 4.1, all of which are detailed in the Changelog.pdf attached to the download page:

Johnson Controls Facility Explorer 14.1.0

This is the JCI brand for Niagara 4.1. We recommend updating to this from 14.0 as soon as possible, as Niagara 4.0 was extremely buggy:

Honeywell Spyder / Stryker Tools

Honeywell has updated their AX and N4 Spyder and Stryker Tools. The downloads include installation guides and changelogs:

Spyder Tool 6.4.5 (AX):

Spyder Tool 7.2.2 (N4):

Stryker Tool 4.0.19 (AX):

Stryker Tool 5.0.13 (N4):

In other news, we expect Niagara 4.2 to be released for Honeywell WEBs by the end of October. Also, we've recently updated our SupportPal software so that you no longer have to login to our support website before clicking on Download links. You are now simply redirected to login first, instead of receiving a 404 error.

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