Johnson Facility Explorer FX-PCG Systems Engineering

27 - 30, 2018
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
30261 Stephenson Hwy, Madison Heights, MI 48071
Norm Miller Classroom
(248) 591-3560
12 seats remaining
$850 USD

Course Objectives

Students will receive an overview of the FX MSTP field controller system, create programs from standard tree systems using the Programmable Controller and Commissioning Tool, then connect to the controllers through a Bluetooth connection and download their code into the controllers after setting up the hardware and software to communicate properly.


  • FX-PC Controller Overview
  • FX-PCT Programming & Commissioning Tool Overview
  • Bluetooth Wireless Communication
  • Downloading and Uploading FX-PC Controllers
  • Modifying Points
  • Control Strategies
  • Introduction to Wireless Devices
  • Creating a New Application Simulation Mode
  • MS/TP Communications 


  • Bring a PC with either Windows XP or Windows 7 (or greater) – 32 bit – Professional edition installed.
  • Have PCT tools installed (bring the PCT CD with you to class).
  • Have a communication interface to the MSTP controllers set up and operating.  The strongly suggested method is the Bluetooth CVT (Part Number TL-MAO1810-0P or the TL-MAP1810-0S ).  Please note this requires a working Bluetooth connection from your PC to the BTCVT.  This may require you to purchase a Bluetooth dongle such as the Zoom model 4322.  A second possible connection is the BACnet IP to MSTP converter (Part Number LP-KIT204-000C).  

Note: Either method must be installed and tested operational prior to coming to class.  Also note, that the BTCVT is approximately five times faster than the KIT204 for downloading and uploading devices.