Niagara Operations

20 - 24, 2019
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
2300 Meadow Dr #100, Louisville, KY 40218
(502) 459-9800
3 seats remaining

Course Objectives

The goal of the 5-day Niagara Operations class is to give students who have Niagara AX and Niagara 4 systems installed in their facilities a better understanding of how the system works, what a JACE is, how it communicates and what it communicates with. Also covers various HVAC systems in a typical facility management and DDC control system. We will cover what FMS can do (HVAC, Lighting, Fire, etc.) within a facility. Users will be shown to how access a Niagara AX and Niagara 4 system from a standard web browser and work with alarming, schedules and other functions.


  • Introduction to Facility Management Systems (FMS)
  • Introduction to Networking
  • The Physics of the Operations
  • Introduction to Controls
  • Introduction to Primary Plant Equipment
  • Control Loop Operations
  • Jace Lab 1 - Control Loops
  • ASHRAE Systems
  • Jace Lab 2 - The Fan Coil
  • AHU Operations
  • Jace Lab 3 - The MASP AHU
  • VAV Boxes
  • Introduction to Graphics
  • Troubleshooting FMS Systems


  • Each student is required to have a Windows¬†based laptop (with a minimum of Windows 7 installed)¬†with Mozilla Firefox or Chrome downloaded.
  • Student should have basic Windows knowledge.
  • Cochrane Tech Center will provide laptops to all students. If student would prefer to bring their own laptop, please contact the Training Department for licensing.