Niagara 4 - Advanced Level 2 Technical Certification Program (TCP)

5 days
2,950.00 USD

Course Description:

Educate students to an advanced level of technical expertise to effectively and efficiently design, engineer, and program "cyber-secure", enterprise-wide, supervisor projects using the Niagara 4 Framework.  This class will mirror the actual steps a student may take in the field to develop existing projects. There will be Advanced N4 Certification testing.


Each student must be Niagara 4 Certified and have a laptop running the most recent Vykon WorkPlace Version 4.12.x.x.x

Course Overview:

  • Niagara Station Installation
  • Baja Docs
  • Niagara Object Model
  • BFormat
  • Program Service Batch Editor
  • BQL Select Statements
  • BQL Aggregates and Predicates
  • BQL Having and Order By Clauses
  • Data Modeling - Smart Tag Dictionary
  • Niagara Entity Query Language
  • Hierarchies
  • History Tools
  • Series Transforms
  • Reports
  • J8000 Features
  • Jace Metrics and Diagnostics
  • SSL TLS and Certificates
  • Niagara Networking
  • Export Tags
  • Supervisor Provisioning
  • Level 2 Certification Test (Last day of class)

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